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Lighting Solutions


If the lighted object may be viewed from different angles, a strong lighting from the ground is the ideal solution. To prevent the potential glare from this strong lighting, the chosen fixtures must have blinds in front of them. To prevent effectiveness loss from the light, used fixtures must be directable.


Moonlight trickling down from trees is a beautiful and functional exterior lighting technique. To create this effect, from top to bottom and from bottom to top lighting is used. Fixtures are placed suitably o the trees, the trees and the ground are beautifully lighted. Ground lighting provides a sense of security, while the shadows from the leaves and branches are emphasized.


For external activity areas, fixtures placed above eye line provide efficient lighting for resting, security and safety. Lighting areas are overlapped to smooth the shadows and provide a more homogenous lighting effect. Fixtures can be mounted on terraces, trellises, front façades, roof fringes or trees.


Trees and small trees with interesting branch structures cause a dramatic view when they are very gently lighted against a wall or a building façade. This combination of view and façade lighting provides extra security near the building.


When lighting special objects such as statues, carvings or interesting little trees, fixtures must be carefully placed. Mounting the fixtures on roof fringes or terrace buildings prevents glare and distraction from the fixture. If ground mounted fixtures are used, these must be hidden with small trees.


Wide-angel lighting fixtures create circular light zones for ground covers and bushes. Fixtures with whole-blinds create a non-glaring lighting, while fixtures with half-blinds create a low-glare background lighting on trees with semi-transparent leaves.


Road fixtures with whole-blinds prevent the glare that may cause difficulties in perceiving obstacles or steps and create a clear vision. Road fixtures with partial blinds, when placed within tall trees, filter the light and provide non-glaring lighting.


Bottom-to-top lighting realized with specially designed acute angled lighting fixtures is the ideal solution to light very tall trees such as cypress.


Fixtures with directable reflectors are used to create the best lighting for plants with horizontal and vertical directions.


Fixtures with asymmetric reflectors may be used to emphasize specific details of small trees.


When lighting narrow and tall objects such as columns, it is preferable to choose an angled fixture instead of using a fixture that directly gives bottom-to-top light. The height of the column and the angle of lighting are the key points in this application.


Eye comfort is needed in parks and near high-traffic pedestrian roads. That’s why low surface temperature and low light intensity must be used.

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