Facade Lightning

Facade lighting, also known as outdoor lighting, is defined as the lighting process of buildings or various structures. Decorating the buildings and various structures that around us and which are familiar to see often with architectural lighting helps you to create an authentic and stylish look at night. Facade lighting as a type of architectural lighting, offers an impressive appearance  to cities.

Today, modern buildings need light not only for illumination but also for aesthetic appearance. Thanks to the light, architectural details can be emphasized even in the dark of night. Thus, buildings become visually interesting structures. In addition, facade lighting in commercial buildings is seen as a tool that reflects the corporate identity of the company.

Modern or historical, for every building a facade lighting can be designed in the context of it’s function. The light color and lighting model to be used are of great importance at this point. Multicolor applications can be done for modern buildings, but for historical buildings, using white and yellowish  light color and  play of shadows  is considered as  the right choice.

Types of Lighting Fittings Used for Facade Lighting

The lighting fitting types that are used for facade lighting are as follows:

  1. Projector
  2. Wallwasher
  3. Linear lighting
  4. Recessed lighting
  5. Wall lights
  6. Pixel lighting

The quantity, positioning and features of the lighting fixtures are determined by the designer. For example; If the use of Wallwasher is preferred in the project, the lens angle of this light source should be preferred according to the height and width of the surface to be illuminated.

Before the installation  of  the  lighting setup, computer simulation work has  great importance.  DIALux and Photoshop software are used for visualization of façade lighting design. With the help of DIALux, the light distribution of the selected luminaire on the surface is displayed. It is possible to color this distribution and transfer it to the image of the building by means of Photoshop.

Lighting control systems such as DMX are used to perform controls such as color change, on-off and animation for building facade lighting. DMX is a protocol that gives you complete control over the lighting system. DMX system is generally used in multicolor illuminated buildings.

How Should Facade Lighting Fittings Selection Be?

Lighting products used in outdoor areas such as balconies, terraces and gardens are at least as important as indoor lighting. Outdoor lighting systems, which prevent accidents that may occur due to darkness, also provide the opportunity to have a pleasant time in the outdoor area. Especially with the arrival of spring and summer, the increasing use of open space causes most of the daily life to be spent in these areas.

Facade lighting, which is used for different purposes such as security, vision and aesthetics, is among the most important elements of open and semi-open space design. Proper use of outdoor lighting allows maximum benefit from the space. It helps the area where it is used to have an authentic and aesthetic appearance. At the same time, these lighting elements, which create a pleasant usage area, can also be in different models. Exterior lighting, which offers useful, rich and aesthetic spaces, has different types and options.

The fact that the lighting elements are as economical as possible offers great comfort to the user. Solar powered lighting products are much more preferred in places that receive sun light for long period of day and year. In addition, fittings with spike or light poles are also extremely important for lighting systems.

What are the Façade Lighting Options?

Artificial lighting in various scales outside of buildings or structures is expressed as facade lighting. Facade lighting options are as follows:

Functional Lighting

Lighting at home, school, offices, hospitals, shopping malls and similar buildings and places meet various visual needs. Lighting systems that provide visual needs and comfort in such environments are called functional lighting.

Decorative Lighting

It is based on the desired shape, form and color of the space and environmental lighting of different functions, instead of looking natural. A shop window, restaurant, entertainment venue, landscaping element, building exteriors may be required to be shown different than they appear or to be remarkable. The preferred lighting systems to meet such demands are also referred to as decorative lighting.

Non Residential Lighting

Non-residential buildings are divided into two groups. The first part contains hotels, offices, workplaces where commercial activities are carried out.The other prefers lighting systems in buildings serving social purposes.

These are:  hospitals, performance centers such as sports halls and theaters, educational institutions such as schools, universities, places of worship and other structures used for similar purposes. Depending on the activities carried out in non-residential buildings and the purpose of using the areas where these activities are carried out, decorative lighting can be used as  limited way.

What is the Importance of Facade Lighting Systems?

Façade lighting is a type of lighting that increases the natural beauty and energy of the environment. It highlights the external features of the architecture to which it is applied. It also illuminates paths and helps create an attractive and authentic environment. When considering facade lighting, it is extremely important to consider all the notable features.

Safety is always at the forefront when facade lighting systems are considered. Night is the best time to get fresh air. Therefore, when you are at home, you can spend quality time with your exterior lighting.

At night, the properly selected outdoor lighting fixtures help you move safely in the dark. Post-installed outdoor luminaires are essential for driveways and stair railings. By the exterior lighting system, doors and exits can be seen in the dark. Small exterior lamps and road lamps illuminate the stairs and walkways, while lamps located outside the house make it easier for people to locate your home.

It is possible to protect your home against intruders with outdoor lighting triggered by timers. In addition, exterior lighting with its stylish and authentic appearance is designed completely in accordance with your building. The new generation of outdoor wall lamps are elegantly decorated to increase safety without sacrificing way.

First of all, good lighting makes every outdoor activity even safer. In order to obtain maximum performance from the exterior lighting system, it is extremely important that to  perform regular maintenance. Like car or pool maintenance, exterior lighting systems require regular routine maintenance, usually once a year. This routine maintenance helps you avoid costly repairs in the future. It also allows your exterior lighting system to appear in top condition.

Facade Lighting Maintenance Tips

The steps  that you need to take  for exterior lighting maintenance are as follows:

  1. Cleaning residues from fixtures
  2. Examining the cables
  3. Repairing damaged fixtures
  4. Changing the lamp
  5. Checking metal or plastic parts
  6. Examining Facade Lighting System
  7. Adjusting Façade Lighting System
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