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With experienced staffs in the field and aesthetical need-based solutions,along with their architecture-compliant,economical but efficient ideas,Parr Lighning is established to create the best solution for every need in the industry

Interior Lighting

It is quite important to for lighting design to deal all indoor equipment, including reinforcement equipment together with colour, texture and material. Lighting can also be defined as a design element, adding aesthetic value, as well as indoor functionality. Our indoor lighting solutions include spaces such as residences, offices, selling spaces, hotel and accommodation enterprises, industrial facilities, museums and art galleries.

Exterior lighting

Using the correct light from the right angle and in the right place, most fundamental elements required to be handled in exterior lighting designs bring all details, tried to be reflected in architecture, into the forefront.

Landspace Lighting

Considering the colors, textures and materials of all elements located in interior spaces including hardware elements is essential in lighting design. Lighting may be defined as a design element which is functional and, at the same time, adds aesthetic value to the interior space. Our interior lighting solutions include residences, offices, sale areas, hotels and lodging concerns, industrial facilities, museums and art galleries.

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